Monday, December 20, 2010

"Through the years we all will be together, if the fates allow..."

I'm officially done with my first semester of junior year, and it was a doozie. I think everyone will agree that Samford brought their A-game, and here's to hoping they tone it down next semester.. (i doubt it, but one can dream)

Anywho, I'm home now and the Merriment has begun. Even though I didn't get home til Friday (the 17th) my family made sure I hit the ground running. Saturday night was the annual "Todd Coaches Christmas Party," and since I'm now above the golden age, I got an evite. It was awesome to see some people I hadn't seen in a while, and for those who had their doubts...coaches/teachers can throw down/cut a rug.

After recovering most of Sunday morning, my family got together for our annual Christmas cookie session. This tradition has been in my family for decades, and without fail, every year we crank out dozens upon dozens of sugar cookies AND ice them.

I love love love Christmas and these little traditions make it beyond worth while for the extra effort. Although I'm already missing my friends (SHOUT OUT TO FG/SG), being with family provides a much needed break.

hope everyone is having a fabulous break... let the merriment continue...

Monday, December 6, 2010

We need a little Christmas, right this very minute..

As I sit in our decorated dorm room at 2am, clearly not studying for/finishing all my projects I realize I don't hate school as much as I say(or even think) I do. Granted, right now I could make a bonfire with all of my textbooks and not even blink, but I'm trying to tell myself I wouldn't be here having the amazing times I'm having without occasionally convincing my parents that its worth their life savings. Ergo, instead of focusing on the overwhelming annoyances in my life currently, I'll choose to dwell on the little "happys."
{throwback christmas card}

1) Christmas decorations/ all things Christmas
Seriously, I'm one of those mildly annoying individuals that could keep lights up year round if social norms would allow it. They never cease to make me feel like a five year old at Disney World

2) FG/SG
Yes, we realize we're annoying, but we don't care. My friends are the only thing that keep me sane (if you can call me that)
staying up all night laughing at stupid stuff, stringing movie quotes into conversations, and attempting to have a social life on top of school-- the shadies are the only reason I'm not "hanging from the shower rod"( Sex and the City... it's a joke people [side note:suicide is not a funny, but making jokes is])
ok... I'm officially over it. the Glee Christmas album has been on repeat enough, and despite the fact that my over-achiever roommate is still working on a stupid paper, I simply don't care anymore.

dance party to begin in room 218 shortly...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"I'll make it easy; I'll stay me"

So So much has happened this year! Junior year has been more than I could have hoped for, in so many ways. Signs of fall (my absolute favorite season) are creeping in, and I couldn't be happier.
I finally got around(got up the courage) to get my tattoo! I literally have wanted it for over 3 years, and it comes as no shock to those who know me exactly what and where I wanted it. I seriously love it and recommend it to all ( ok ok.. maybe not EVERYONE, but guys out there.. i have a thing for tattoos and men in uniform..which ill get to momentarily)

For Fall break I went to DC with my mom, aunt, cousin and about 30 WW2 Veterans. It was absolutely wonderful, and I couldn't have asked for a better first trip to Washington DC.
{yes, i'm throwin the diamond on capitol hill}

Hearing their stories and being a small, small part of their experience as they saw their relatively new monument. ( seriously gave me chills)
{2 very proud granddaughters}

Other than just loving the feel of DC (which is, in my humble opinion, a cleaner, more historical NYC), my FAVORITE part was Arlington National Cemetery. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
{Ashleigh and me at the Washington Memorial}

the changing of the guard ceremony.. whoa nelly. can't a gal catch a break?! i mean really, men in uniform.. gimme a call ;)

So basically this year has been magical. Loving life, Samford, my family and friends--and it only goes up from here.

Things to look forward to:
-Underwood/Wicked weekend
-my 21st birthday
-twinkle lights
-Christmas (in all it's glory)

ahh.. life is good

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the girls of fall

FALL is finally here and no one could be happier than i am! among the fabulosities that fall has to offer come my amazing friends.
Samford has brought me to some of the most amazing relationships that i could have ever hoped for; (to my friends) im blessed maxed out by each and every one of you.
each one of you has made me a better person and shaped me in ways i never could have imagined. I know this sounds BEYOND cheesy, but it has to be said.
FRIEND GROUP: every single one of you has made me a bett
er person. everyday i am thankful for God bringing ya'll into my life.

SUPPORT GROUP: my mentors, my moms. how would i function without your advice..(interesting to say the least) love you all

we are the girls of fall.... although everyone knows we rock every season.
2 of my favorite things:
b) the girls of fall

"you mess with one girl, you got us all.. the girls of fall"

Friday, September 10, 2010

rush, rush, rush all day long. crank it up, bang it up, bring it on home..

Recruitment season is in full swing, and only the strong survive (kidding, sort of..). This insane time of year makes me remember why i love being a part of a Greek organization. May sound cheesy, i know, but it's true. Although i may complain about the long hours, manual labor, and semi-forced happy faces (during practice), i secretly love singing "one blue, two blue" 'til i'm blue in the face.

I love the fact that i'm part of something that has been strong long before me and will continue to be strong after me. I am but a small part of the legacy left, but an important part. I love the friends that this organization has provided me with, and for that i am eternally grateful. When i think about the fact that ADPi is the pathway that led me to my fabulous friends, ican't help but want to make that opportunity possible for everyone.

SO-- in spite of however much homework, lack of sleep, or whatever i am giving up for recruitment, i will choose to remember how much the classy ladies before me gave up so that i could be a part of the first and the finest, and i will give the girls after me the same courtesy.

for better or for worse, these girls have my back.. and i have theirs.

here's to you ADPi

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Start of something new...

Junior Year is off to a great start! after moving in for 12 hours( with a few minor difficulties) we are all settled in. The big event this week was not classes or reuniting with old friends (although both were great), it was my roomsiepoo's 21st birthday!

As the first one from the "Friend Group"(aka the FG) it was quite an ordeal, and we weren't about to settle for the usual birthday festivities.

the night was documented as follows...
first, we ran in and blindfolded the birthday girl at 11:30pm
then we proceeded to dress her in a fabulous ensemble for her adventure

the friend group (minus a certain rho gam) ready to depart

part 1: take a picture with the EX golf cart
keep in mind... mere has NO idea where she is or what she is doing
Part 2: picture with campus security officer

Part 3: pose with plants and other random objects the she thinks are on the Quad
(around this time Mere informs us that if we are going somewhere she forgot her ID.. so kelsey and I SPEED back to campus to get it)

At approx. 12:05 am, we lead Meredith into Jackson's and everyone starts clapping. We force her to keep her blindfold on as she has her ID checked and orders a shot.

most.epic.shot.of.the.night: She finally rips off her blindfold and realizes A) she's at Jackson's B)other Samford people are there and C) she's in a ridiculous outfit BUT doesn't care b/c it's her birthday!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Falling again

Those who know me remotely well know that i LOVE fall. Every year, when August rolls around i can't help it..i crave fall. There are seriously millions of reasons why it is my favorite season of all, but i culled them down to my "why i simply can't love any other season as much" list.

Don't get me wrong, i love love love Christmas and ALL of the trappings and tidings that come with it, but that's a holiday, not a season. I fully intend on sharing my love for Christmas and twinkle lights at a later date, but now.. on to autumn!

Other season lovers (spring flower planters, summer sun worshipers and winter cuddle bugs) BEWARE.

First and foremost, there is candy-corn. Who doesn't love candy corn, seriously?! It's one of the many delicacies that is only attainable in the crisp fall months, which in my humble opinion, makes it a rare treat.

Obviously, a lover of Fall would be powerless against the love of a good pumpkin patch. (shout out to "little people, big world" and the Rolof family) But, my love isn't as shallow as a great pumpkin patch.
As a true fall-lover, i enjoy all of the wonders that come from the pumpkin aka: pumpkin carving, jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin pie, and my personal favorite..
pumpkin bread.

{I can already smell it baking in the oven}

Next, come the rich hues that usher in the cooler weather. I heart the colors of fall, brilliantly displayed in plain sight on the gorgeous trees during this magical time of year.
{i see a new OPI collection of fall colors in my future}

Along with the beautiful landscape that is evidence of this wonderful season is one of my
all. time. favorite. movies.
(this one is up there with Now and Then and Steel Magnolias)

Some (my mom included), find this movie sad, but I can't get enough. It perfectly depicts the fall season in one of my favorite cities, New York.
I watch it every year without fail to help mentally prepare for fall.
rent it. watch it. buy it. love it.

Rounding out my favorites of fall list is the lifeblood of the South. College Football.
What kind of southerner would I be if I didn't have a team that I've followed through ups (cough: 1998 SEC champs), and downs( the next decade + some) of my whole life?

anywho.. this is it.
the epic-ness of watching the Vols through the Vol Walk, the chanting of V-O-L-S, the billionth serenade of Rocky Top, and the ever-present orange that blankets Knoxville on game day.
doesn't get much better than that.
(except maybe if we had a steady coach or winning season, but no matter. that's just the icing on the cake anyway.)

So, there they are.
The tippy top reasons why i can't wait for September to finally get here.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Spread your wings and.. fly?

For as long as I can remember, I've had a passion for magazines. (specifically In Style and Vogue) I have also only been north of the Mason-Dixon line ONCE in my entire life. vs.

These may seem like meaningless facts about my life, but in reality, they are two very major pieces of information.

When I chose Samford I quickly fell in love with the gorgeous landscape, rolling hills, and Deep South feel that Alabama offers. I also fell in love with my major, Journalism and Mass Communication. (more affectionately known as JMC) (Again.. i know.. seems meaningless, but I have a point, I promise.)

Now that my aspirations of working for a major magazine have shifted slightly to the ever-exciting world of Public Relations, my heart and mind have never felt more out of sync. (que violins)

Soooo, I'm left asking myself, "What's a girl to do?!"

I LOVE the South, for obvious reasons, but mainly because it's my home. The place I feel most alive, safe, free and loved. The most valued people reside here, and their opinions matter more than I care to admit. I genuinely love the way I feel here.

BUT there's something to be said for following your dreams too, right? At this point I have no idea. If following MY dreams means living alone in a closet-sized, high priced residence waiting to pay my dues in a" City that ever sleeps," I may opt for the comfort of a wrap-around porch and counting the cars on the highway. BUT, maybe I wouldn't. I just can't tell.

Clearly this is something I struggle with often; my logic says, "Do what you know. Do what is safe." But my heart is screaming, "Take a chance!! You'll NEVER know 'til you try."

So, I'm sending this cosmic question into the world as a sort of plea. What's a girl to do?


Stay tuned....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Paint me a Birmingham

ok ok.. my family as my witness, I MISS BIRMINGHAM. They probaly know this fact a little too well if ya catch my drift. However, i don't think they realize the full extent of WHY i miss it.

Ergo, this is my feeble attempt to give them a very small glimpse of how exactly things roll in the 'ham.

numero uno: THE FRIEND GROUP. no matter what we are doing, these girls seriously always have my back. laughing, crying, dancing, sitting, whining, eating, studying (psh, right).. you name it, we do it.....together.

numero dos: DORM LIFE. i honestly never thought i'd say that i MISS living on a hall full of screaming girls. I find it eerie and abnormal to have a quiet, dark sleeping quarter. I also miss people walking in my room at 2am, even thought the lights are out, just to talk. im crazy i know...

reason 3: SPONTANEOUS MOMENTS. Whether it's piling in a car to go get piercings( minus me :) ) are frat-lapping 'til the wee hours of the morning.
{helping k-ho through her millionth piercing}

reason 4: GREEK LIFE.. (helloooo, did you honestly think i would leave this out?!) there IS a reason i sign my life away year after year with important chores to do. I love basically everything about it: rush, parties (duh), philanthropy, parades, floats, accessories, and more... can't wait for junior year....

ooooookkkkkkk.... SO i can't lie... i AM having fun at home. But now maybe my friends and family here can finally see just a morsel of why im itching to get back to the 'ham.

'til then.. im loving my home sweet home....


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