Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Southern Summers

photo courtesy of flckr

The realization that this is my first summer outside of the Tennessee state lines is kind of a shock. But so far, so good. I'm in my home-away-from-home, and it looks like things are looking up. My besties arrive today for the first summer school sesh and just in time. I must admit flying solo in bham isn't quite as glamorous as one might assume. However, I am now the pround renter of an apartment in the sky (no joke, our view can't be beat), and a working gal at that. I started my internship at the WMU and I'm truckin' right along.

Work and friends are not the only things on the agenda this summer; weddings, concerts, lake trips and did I mention weddings? This coming weekend starts the FG trek around the South for wedding after wedding after wedding. It's a fun change of pace (and a great reason to go shopping), but it's hard to not become obsessed with the wedding bug. ( NOT in a creepy I need to get married way but in a "I could totally be a wedding planner and plan people's amazing days" kinda way). Nevertheless, wedding season is in full force here in Alabama and I feel certain its ripples are felt throughout the South.

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Another highlight of being with my friends this summer is concerts. We have made it a priority to attend as many country concerts as fiscally possible starting with the AH-MAZE-ing Alabama Rising concert (it's basically killing like 15 birds with one stone and for cheap seat prices.. it seriously can't be beat). I love me some country tunes but if anyone's interested in roadtripping to see the ever-colorful Katy Perry holla at me.

With a lineup like this.. stay tuned for a rockn' southern summer...

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let the good times roll

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

..and it led me here to this

{senior mommies at senior chapter}

It's that time of year again but this year is different than most. Not that I haven't loved the seniors in years past, but I seriously don't know what I'm gonna do without these girls. They've been my mommies and mentors, and I couldn't have asked for better memories with them.

{love you mommy}

Another change is that sweet babies Jamie and Steffen are leaving the gates of Samford behind next year. I seriously cry every time I think about a senior year without them, but as long as they're happy; I'm happy. Bama and UT better look out because these ladies are a force to reckoned with...
{steffen, me, jamie, mere, and hayley}

The BRIGHT side is that this summer is full of potential for amazing memories. Can't wait for my first summer in b'ham and being #foreverneighbs with my besties at the Oaks
{my amazing friends at black diamond}

{happy 21st Claire bear}

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