Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dream Destinations (part IV)

 In this final installment of Dream Destinations( read part I, part II, and part III) we'll mainly be in the New England area, but will head South for one of my all-time favorite movies.

 First, Eastport, Massachusetts
the location of the movie, Mermaids.
 {I love this movie for the pretty trees, 
the witty humor of Winona Ryder's character,
 and because it marks the big-screen debut of Christina Ricci.} 

Staying in Massachusetts, we're heading to Salem,
home of the 1692 witch trials.

 {Salem is also home to the Sanderson sisters of Hocus Pocus}

 Next, to the fictional town of 
 {Thayer is where the movie The Family Stone takes place, 
note: one of the sons is named after his fictitious hometown}


Ending on a high note, is (drumbroll please)
where Birdie was Queen of Corn.

{the actual welcome sign}

{one of my most favorite movies ever.}

There you have it; the places I'd most like to visit.
Whether they're real or fake, they house some of the best moments in silver screen geography.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


As the cooler weather approaches and Indian summer fades to fall, I can't help but think about the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are obvious, but then I start thinking about my birthday, too. I'm currently re-doing my bedroom at home and my mind often wanders to make list after list of new and different organizational items for various spaces. 

These two thoughts combined forces for the inspiration for this post: what I'm currently wishing for.


That's where the paradox, or juxtaposition, comes into play. My top two items couldn't be more different if they tried, which is a testament to the fact that it's no wonder I'm so indecisive since I have such varying tastes.

Ducks boots--I've wanted these for years, and am finally allowing myself to purchase them as a rain-worthy substitute for uggs during the winter season. I'm still debating the exact style I like best; so suggestions are appreciated (from here or here).

Next is this oh-so-fabulous container/ organizer for make up. Legit, one of these bad boys is ideal for my bathroom counter space to free up some clutter (and besides, they look like the ones that Kim Kardashian and the like store there make up in). Like the boots, there are a ton of options; so shout out suggestions or alternatives if you have any.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Gonerfest 2012 Memphis

Memphis is full of activities on any given weekend, but this weekend (Sept 27th-30th) marks the 9th Annual Gonerfest featuring three days of rockin' bands at various locations in the city presented by Goner Records, FedEx, Music + Arts, Live From Memphis, Mollie Fontaine Lounge and more. I, like the site, recommend Golden Passes for the most bang for your buck, but there's the option to purchase individual tickets as well. It's sure to be fun with parties lasting till dawn while enjoying the tunes from 35 bands from across the U.S. and even over seas.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Memphis Garage Sale Benefitting Orphanage in South Korea

This weekend, there is a garage sale hosted my some of my sweet friends, the Owens. I've had the privilege of knowing this family for over a decade, and they have always been a wonderful example of Christ's love through their compassionate nature and positive outlook. 

This garage sale is special to me and so many others because all of the money earned will go directly to the Issac Home in Seoul, South Korea--a place that, to me, seems an eternity away, but will always be right next door. This is because my sweet friend, Danielle Owen, was adopted from there (follow her blog and read for yourself about her amazing experiences-- here and here just to name a few). I'm sure many of you have experienced the miracle of adoption personally or know many people who have benefited from this wonderful process. I know that it is one of the most special forms of showing Christ's love because it is through adoption that we, too, are made heirs to God's kingdom. 

Over 80 children live in this small home, and most of them will probably never be adopted. This money will specifically go toward buying them Christmas presents; to show them that they are loved and wanted and special.

I encourage you to stop by this happy event and share it with your friends! It will take place here on Friday (Sept. 28th) from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturday (Sept. 29th) from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Okay, Okay. I know I've already posted today, but this one had to be done--as a movie/tv junkie. (WARNING: if you haven't seen SOA Season 5, Episode 3, yet "Laying Pipe"--stop reading.)

Considering Charming is on my dream destinations list, it's not surprising that I'm freakishly bitter and sad that one of my favorite characters is killed (and in a uber violent manner--what am I saying, it's SOA, duh), but I'm starting to understand how and why the show could actually even ever think about going on without Opie.

For proof click here or here

I guess I'll have to stay tuned to see how Jax handles himself and the club after he "takes his anger to a whole new level."

So Main

The time has come for me to get out of my house and start joining in one of the many organizations to choose from in this thriving metropolis. My first club will be the "So Main," the South Main Association is dedicated to re-energizing the historic South Main district that had its hay-day between 1920 and 1960.

As the website says, most of the buildings were built between 1910 and 1920 to accommodate the booming railroad industry along the Muddy Mississippi. Sadly. around 1960, the railroad industry collapsed and lost much of its original luster, leaving the buildings and warehouses empty. I'm well aware of this fact considering I currently work in one of these buildings in the warehouse district south of Main. But this fun fact also makes me well aware that although the buildings might need a little facelift, they do have a charming, historic feel about them. This is precisely why I'm joining the So Main Association; to help the young people of Memphis breathe life back into this downtown area, one district at a time. Who's with me?

Still not convinced this organization is worthy of your membership? They offer outings every month to witness the renovations actively happening in various areas, Trolley Nights, and happy hour! If that doesn't sell ya, I don't know what will! Fun Fact: they have recently blogged about the Harahan Bridge Project, which is close to my heart since I profiled it in the print Sept/Oct MBQ magazine out now (click here for a short description of the redevelopment series).

I'm excited to see all of the various ways that Memphis is reaching out to my generation to ensure the history of this magical city stays relevant. Stay tuned for more posts about other ways to get involved, and contact me if you know of clubs and organizations I should share!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cherry Delight Recipe

 This is a family favorite in the Cox household, "Cherry Delight" or "Cherry Jubilee." It happened to be what Ben Todd wanted instead of a traditional birthday cake for his family soiree; so, I decided to share the recipe. Enjoy!

You'll need:
1 can of cherry pie filling
2 cups self rising flour
2 sticks of butter or margarine
1 cup chopped pecans
1 (8oz) cream cheese
1 box of powdered sugar
1 large container of Cool Whip

Cut flour into melted butter and mix. Press mixture into 13 x 9 pan, then gently press pecans into mixture. Bake 10-12 minutes/till edges are brown at 350. Cool thoroughly.

Combine cream cheese and powdered sugar (works best if you left cream cheese soften first). Mix; fold in cool whip gradually.

Spread mixture over crust, top with cherries, let chill.

Voila! Happy 29th Birthday Ben Todd!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Trend: Nameplate Necklace

I've always been a big fan of jewelry, and as of the past year, gold jewelry. After much debating, and affirmation from Possessionista, I decided to purchase a necklace that I've secretly wanted for years. The nameplate necklace, also known as the "Carrie" necklace that Carrie Bradshaw sports in SATC.

Most recently, also according to Possessionista, Rachel on Glee is known for the same trend. Here's to hoping I can pull it all half as well. If you're in the market for one, I ordered mine here, and was wearing it within a week; so, I highly recommend the website (thanks, mere, for the suggestion).

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Fall, Y'all!

It's here. It's finally here. 
{for proof click here or here}

{fall tradition for as long as I can remember: 
pumpkin muffins and Stepmom
The only way, as far as I'm concerned, to usher in the new season.}

{Target's ready for the season change, too.}

Friday, September 21, 2012

Redesign Resources

If you've ever been to my page or read my blog before you might recognize a few new features and designs. I've been thinking of updating multiple elements of my page for a while now, but I've never really known how exactly to start. I'm really only familiar with Wordpress sites since that's what my classes focused on, but I already had an established Blogger account with nearly 100 posts I didn't want to lose or transfer (For more on Wordpress vs. Blogger click here). Plus the minor detail that I wanted to redesign my page for absolutely free. I know I'm cheap, but as I was pleasantly surprised to find out, the resources are out there.

This post is a shout out and attribution to the bloggers who made my redesign immensely easier and, dare I say, fun. Hopefully, you'll find the same to be true.

For any and everything Wordpress  check out to Her New Leaf by Kira. She has it all, and it's organized beautifully in her "Primp my Blog" series (including some tricks for Blogger users--I customized my header and my favicon from her tutorials and freebies) with screen shots for HTML dummies like myself. From her site, she led me to find more Blogger details on the Shrimp Salad Circus blog series called "Blog Better" by Lindsay (at this point I feel like I know both personally--shout out to Lindsay who inspired some of my fonts, is newly engaged, and provided me with free watercolor social buttons).

To say my redesign has been a work in progress would be an understatement, but I think it was well worth it. Among my new features are: updated title (see "What?" tab for details on the name), new template (Blogger Candy) and header (from Pixels and Ice Cream, customized by me through Her New Leaf's tutorial and suggestion of free alternative to Photoshop), social media buttons (mine are watercolor freebie from Shrimp Salad Circus), new and improved tab info (I'm still working on making my page tabs pretty, too), secure contact submissions (via CuteWriting's EmailMeForm creator), and a new outlook on blogging in my southern city.

The best part? All of theses were free

Next up: tackling the redesign of my facebook page via this tutorial. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and freebies in the future as well as Memphis-specific scoop.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dream Destinations (part III)

 Part three of our journey continues to walk through some of my favorite movies and one bonus venue just because 
(you'll thank me later, I promise.)

First, the home place of George, Nina, 
Annie and Matthew Banks,

{Again, one movie I could watch over and over again 
and never get sick of, Father of the Bride.} 

{The house. So, it's not technically located at 24 Maple Drive, 
but I'll forgive them. It's still epically beautiful, and surprisingly, "warm in the winter and cool in the summer," 
according to George, Steve Martin's character.}

Next, I'm taking you east, to Kelsey Jo's backyard of Quantico, Virginia.
Also home to the Marine base and tons of other FBI-related sanctions including
BAU's finest, the cast of Criminal Minds.

Next, staying in the vacinity, is the fictional town of Capeside, Massachusetts

 {this harbor town had the perfect small-town feel that made you wish your friends were only a house away.}

Fourth, I'm headed down south to the town of Natchitoches, Louisiana.
{Any takers for their annual Festival of Lights?}

 {This charming town if home to the Southern Belle's 
{They're even kind enough to give you a tour of where the movie was shot, which makes this a must visit location for me.}

Lastly, a town that need no movie to highlight
 its amazingness,
specifically, Mohonk Mountain House.

 {Yes, this is a real place, and I'm told it has been the haven of many a celeb and socialite including 
the Vanity Fair magazine staff's company retreat. 
Good enough for them; good enough for me.}

 {For a tidy sum, you, too, can vacation in this breathtaking hideaway in the foothills of New York.}

On that happy note, enjoy your Wednesday, and stay tuned for the next, and final, installment of Dream Destinations.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dream Destinations (part II)

This installment of dream destinations is a little more spread out than the last five locations, but I think they're worth the trek.

First stop is Sitka, Alaska.

{c'mon, who wouldn't want to visit here?}

{You might be familiar with this location through a 
little movie called, The Proposal.}

Next stop, keeping with the Ryan Reynolds "theme" is 

{You might have heard, the lovely Blake Lively and
 Ryan Reynolds were recently married there}


{That house. Amazing. Probably remember it as 
Ali's summer house in The Notebook.}

{Good enough for them, good enough for me to visit}

Third, we're heading to the heart of wine country,
{Caught my first glance of this beautiful 
landscape from this movie}

{vineyards+ spanish style houses = heaven on earth}

Next up, the sweet small town of 
{definitely top 10 fav movies ever}

{a time when summers were full of 
riding bikes and playing red rover}

 Last stop on toady's journey is the fictitious town of
home of the Pretty Little Liars.

{the sign is appropriately eerie given the nature of the show}

{found a lil map of Rosewood to help with all the clues}

{Town Square. Site of many a creepy moment and PLL drama}

 On the road again soon...


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