Thursday, June 13, 2013

C'mon Ring Those (wedding) Bells

'Tis the season for weekends full of weddings, amiright? And in lieu of the wedding I'm going to this weekend (shout out to Luke and Barbara Jane) and as a special request of mere bear, I've found the best of the best when it comes to guides for guests' attire to any pending nuptials.

Without further adieu, my findings:
My favorites are #1 (considering I almost bought this one for the wedding this weeding) and #3
2. Coco & Kelley have individual posts for traditional, destination, and garden weddings
but my favorite is their spunky twist on what is far from "traditional" black and white
my fav from this UK guide (note the hats in the selection, how very European) is this little beauty:

my favorite is way out of my price range but wonderful all the same
definitely loving this combo (can you tell I'm loving yellow this season?)

6. no guide is complete without Cosmo
safe to say I'd wear almost all of these given the opportunity but I'm obsessed with

 and this (totally channeling my innter Katy Perry)

7. Design Darling's fool-proof a dress!
this is perfect for those who either want to buy a dress but forgot/need to save moola or those who simply can't commit.. it's a win/win.
this Allison Parris dress is soo adorable!

There you have it; suggestions and styles that 
should work for just about everyone! 
Happy shopping!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happy Hump Day, Folks

Here's a little happy to help you 
"cruise" through the rest of the work week 
(I know it's kept me entertained for days):

For more where this came from click here.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Memphis in May happenings

Soo0oO0o0ooOo much has happened in the month of May that I figured I'd bring everyone up to speed before diving head first into June (and summer in general) Here we go...

This (not so) little (anymore) one graduated from high school and is getting ready to head south to Mississippi State in the Fall. Seriously can't believe she's 18/old enough to graduate/go to college/live alone/need sorority recs/be older than about 4-years-old. Our beautiful wheata woo is growing up!

The Thursday before her graduation I attended my very first Memphis BBQ fest and (was able to check off one of my bucket list items) met my main main Quincy Pondexter/QPon. Life=made.

Over Memorial Day weekend me and my besties took a trip to Pawley's Island, South Carolina. It was fabulous despite the hours of traveling and intensely severe sunburns we all acquired as a result of being overzealous about summer. 

Rounded out the month my celebrating the wonderful birthdays of my Nannie/aunt/wheat woo's mama and my 89-year old Papaw. 

Among other things, JT had sinus surgery (which I affectionately call "schnoz surgery"), we saw The Great Gatsby (wearing my "I Party With Gatsby" tank), watched the Grizzlies make it to the Western Conference Championship (only to be swept by the stupid Spurs, blah), and wrote a handful of articles for work.

June happenings to come on the blog:
-Italian Fest/Randy Houser
-take JT to Bham/ Arab, Ala. for Luke and Barbara Jane's wedding
-Family beach trip

 looks like this summer 
is gonna be one for the books


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