Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Old School Cool

When JT and I were counting down the days to our first Christmas together, we would give each other clues as to what we had gotten each other. I'll never forget the way he described what I would later find out was a gold necklace with my birthstone pendant. He said some people think you might not like it, but I know you will because it's your style -- vintage chic. I'll interject here to say that he was partially joking because I put "chic" after everything (ie hipster chic); he doesn't use the word unless it's for mocking purposes. But I knew what he meant. He was being genuine, and it was perfection. And it was also one of the best compliments I've received. 

Not long after that, I took one of those buzzfeed quizzes about what decade you belong in. I'm sure it's a shock which one I got. 

Just this weekend, I was talking to my aunt and she said "oh, I found some things you might want for your kitchen someday! They just look like you." They were vintage cookbooks, and yes, I love them.

Call it what you want: vintage, old school, or traditional. Whatever it is, it's me, and I don't think I'll ever really change. I'll always love old things, anything that tells a story, anything that has character.

That might be why when I heard Miranda Lambert's new song "Automatic," a little part of me smiled, and I started singing right along. So, c'mon let's take a picture, the kind you gotta shake.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Screen Shopping

I must confess that I haven't been shopping in probably close to a year or more. Yes, I've bought things here and there, and experienced a birthday and Christmas, so I'm not saying I lack for anything. But, I haven't really satisfied that urge to splurge in quite some time. There are many reasons why, which I won't bore you with, but I'm almost to a place where I can allow myself a few indulgences here and there. That is what I do want to share with you. The things of which I've been window shopping (er, screen shopping?) for quite some time now, and will finally be able to pull the trigger. Can you tell I'm excited?

Madewell's Mira Heel as seen on Sequins and Stripes

These Zara items:

Left: Jumpsuit // Right: Shift dress

So, I'll be hiding and watching for a few more weeks, but I promise when my piggy bank has anything left to spare, some of these will find a home in my closet. And I couldn't be more thrilled.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Relax and Unplug

I wish that was the reason I haven't blogged in over 2 weeks. Really. I'd love a chance to do that. I don't mean to complain, but it seemed only fitting that if something had to give, it'd be this. 

Work has been super crazy busy, I'm freelancing more, my Nerium business has started to take off, and in a few short weeks I'll officially be an aunt. Another fun fact: JT and I figured out that between family vacations, weddings, graduations, and general life happenings... one or both of us is out of town every other weekend from April to July. Truth. That's a bit overwhelming. Especially since I have a tendency to be a workaholic when I don't have people to physically pull me away from things I can be doing.


So as much as I'd like to say I've taken a break to relax before we tackle this memory-making adventure ahead, I've just been trying to keep my head above water. And I'm okay with that. I'm very content and excited for what this next season holds. I'm ready to bust out the pastels, flowers, and open-toed shoes and usher in spring with a cheerful attitude. There's so very much to be thankful for.

One thing, in particular, is very exciting, and I hope to share within the month. Hint: I've been saving my pennies for a while. 

So, cheers to (hopefully) warmer weather, a new bebe, and the first full summer with JT's boat!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Comeback Queen: LiLo

Ok, confession: I had an entirely different post planned for today (granted even it had origins with Lindsay Lohan and a phrase she says in Parent Trap... I'll get to that next week), but after watching a few clips changed my mind. I can't resist the possibility of a LiLo comeback

First, I watched this preview for her new docu-series on OWN, and y'all, call me crazy, but I actually have empathy for her (it's as shocking to me as it is to you, I promise). She's had "yes" people in her life for forever, and been thrown into every kind of situation I can't even begin to imagine (yes, I'm still that sheltered, and proud of it). It makes me want to watch it, which granted, it was supposed to do, but more than that, I'm rooting for her.

Then, this clip of her on Jimmy Fallon (who's amazeballs alone) solidified the fact that she's a pretty okay gal, and deserves another shot as much as anyone.

In sharing that clip, I got to chatting with Bekah about if she can really truly make it back after everything she's done. My assumption is yes. And here's my reasoning:

-our generation is rooting for her, like we did for Brit Brit (who is now flawless w a Vegas show)
-If Brit can have a public meltdown, shave her head, attack paps w a 'brella, and lose her kids to KEVIN FEDERLINE, and still come back, LiLo can too.
-So she has a few lot of driving infractions. Nicole Richie (who I also love) drove up an exit ramp on an interstate and is now basically a fashion icon goddess who can do no wrong in the eyes of Hollywood (including dyeing her hair purple.. they say it's chic).

So, while the jury is still out on if LiLo can make it back into the hearts of millennial Americans, my vote is absofreakinglutely.

Happy Friday!

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