Wednesday, January 25, 2012

BABOOSH's Birthday

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday sweet Baboooooshhhh.
Happy Birthday to YOU!

a quick look at our friendship:

{our very first photo together-- freshman pledgebash}

{SB'09---e'nuf said--the faces say it all note that this is the first night..tehehe}

{my precious}

{my leetle baboosh}

Hope your birthday is fabulous.
Rock on...

This is the STORY

"What good is a story if it's never told?
What good is a story if nobody knows?
We must not be silent when people are dying around us.
Will you go? Will you share? Anyhow, anywhere..
Will you go? Will you share? Anyhow, anywhere..
Will you say,
'This is my story; this is my song. Praising my Savior all the day long.'?"

{STORY, Christian girl group I first heard at Blume}

This morning I was running late (shocker) to the dentist, and I ended up having to take my mom's car because mine was blocked in. As per usual, nothing was on the radio; so, I decided to see if there was a CD in. To my delight I found my Story CD from Blume this summer. I remembered that I was obsessed with it when I got back home, and in my quest to share this awesome music with any and everyone, I had left it in her car by accident.

I started listening, and it didn't take long for me to remember why I loved it so much. For starters, their sound is angelic. I kid you not, they sound like what I imagine Heaven to sound like. The first song on their album [quoted above] is my absolute favorite.

So there I was, speeding along in my daily routine, and by the third verse I was singing along and realized I had tears in my eyes. (this sounds utterly pathetic I know, but seriously, I was so moved by the words and message of the music that I couldn't help myself.)

The message was was, and it was perfectly timed with what's been going on in my personal life (the desire to travel, possibly for missions etc.).

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I don't know what my future holds, but I know the One who holds my future. So, no matter where I end up, I pray that I can wake up everyday living out the words to this song. It is why we're all here, after all, to share the Story.

{STORY with Chandra Peele at Blume 2011}

{The girls of STORY with Minnie and Mickey at Blume}

*all photos are from the STORY facebook page
*Sidenote: The fabulous gals of this group attended University of Mobile with my amazing friend and former co-worker, Michelle Drashman, which makes them even more terrific in my humble opinion.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

if you have to cry, go outside.

"If I could wish anything for you, it would be that you could accomplish in one year what it's taken me forty-four to figure out. The world needs you. It needs you to find and fearlessly manifest your true and powerful and authentic self, and it needs you to enjoy the pleasures that are here for the taking. "

I just (finally) finished the wonderful book that I picked up this summer, and I have to be honest, I loved it.

Kelly is known for her no-nonsense honesty in the fashion PR world, but most people probably recognize her from The Hills.

[she was Whitney Port's blunt boss at People's Revolution in L.A.]

[and if I'm not mistaken, people's rev. still represents Whitney's fashion/clothing line]

Regardless of if you've ever heard of her, I highly recommend her book. I just went out and bought her second book, Normal Gets You Nowhere, and I can't wait to start it.

I'm being serious when I tell you that my copy is more marked up than any textbook I've ever owned, and that's saying something.

I love how honest she is, and I, being that I'm about to begin my struggles in the working world, was the perfect audience for her job tips.

My favorite lessons from Kelly are as follows:

1)"Let's face it: being nice does not always remove obstacles, and in fact sometimes it creates them. You don't have to say anything you do not mean." p.79-80

2)"Detachment doesn't mean I'm trying less hard. It just means that fears and emotions that used to torment and paralyze me no longer have the same power over me." p.83

"But as you move through your career and your life, you will have to learn that if you're not what you do, then what you do has no business keeping you entertained [awake] at night." p. 84
3)"I had to get out of my own way...I was going to be fine." p.87

"If you ask yourself often enough, Is this the voice of God? the answer usually becomes obvious. A voice telling you that you suck, that you're not important, that you're heading toward impending doom of some kind or another, is probably not the voice of your soul, or the Divine, or the Goddess." p.90

4) "In an industry like fashion [and in life], people always behave badly all around you, but if you resolve to become a spiritual warrior, you learn to laugh and laugh, knowing that other people don't define you and that ultimately their behavior is just helping you work out your own [stuff]." p. 94

5) "It's time to figure out what you are selling and how you are going to make people want to buy it." p.130

"...consider your whole self..." p.130

"Your point of differentiation does not need to be edgy or groundbreaking; it just needs to be different, and it just needs to be you." p.131

"When you find something that feel right, concentrate on refining your skills and educating yourself about your chosen field." p.132

"This detour taught me that even when a career looks perfect to others or seems perfect on paper, it can still be totally wrong choice for you." p.133

[kelly's second book]

Finally, 6) "There will be days when, regardless of what you do and how much you love it, you'll be disgusted and/or exhausted by it.") p. 176

and in the end...

"Worldly success and divine transcendence are not mutually exclusive. Fame and success will not bring you happiness without a deeper knowledge of yourself and a connection to something greater than yourself."

*if you really wanna get a feel for what you're gonna get before you pick up the book.. check out a clip from her show: Kell on Earth

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

miles to go

It's true; I do. Lately, I've been bitten by the "travel bug", and I must admit, I fear the side effects are permanent.

They come in many shapes and sizes, but the most recent effects include the overwhelming desire to travel outside the good ole U.S. of A.

The thoughts that have been bouncing around this zany, curly head of mine are as follows:
- I could totally see myself being a travel journalist: going all sorts of places, interviewing people, and taking photographs--all while exploring and site seeing for myself.

[This was listed in the "things no one knows" about Drew Barrymore in this month's InStyle magazine-- I always knew Drew and I were kindred spirits]

-I would also love to go on a/multiple mission trip(s). Yes, I said it. My summer at WMU did actually rub off on me, and I've been thinking more and more about working with kids and showing them the love of Christ.

[scary, but it could be totally cool, right?]

[Always thought this would be]
[see...I'm not a total scared-y cat]

I have no clue where this passion for travel will lead me as of yet, but I'm excited to find out. Either way, I know that everything happens for a reason; so, whether I travel for missions opportunities or my own personal agenda, I know I will, God willing, eventually board a jet plane and take off toward my future.

'til then I leave you with this happy quote from Drew Barrymore in the same InStyle issue previously cited {further proof that we are kindred spirits}...

you said it sister

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stay-at-home career gal..?

"A girl should be two things:
classy and fabulous."
Coco Chanel

Some of you may know that it's one of my life's goals to be a famous blogger (much like The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond). Others of you may know that I would also like to, one day, write a book of some kind (also, think Ree Drummond).

About the fabulous, Mid-Western blogger above that I thought I'd never be able to find a replacement for.. she now has competition.

Stepping into the ring to battle it out for "Anna's Favorite Blogger" (a title I'm sure everyone's dying to claim...ha) against The Pioneer Woman is this lovely lady below, Maegan Tintari of LA. (both of these ladies have published books or books in the works)

She runs a successful daily blog that includes fashion, D.I.Y (my new obsession), and more. She is a beauty expert and style editor, and she even gives hair tutorials complete with instructional videos.
{anyone who you pin these shoes is a friend of mine}

Maegan's icing on the cake, if you will, was that she even has a special tab on her blog for her nails... I mean seriously, I think we're soul-mates.

Here are a few of my favorite of her nail masterpieces:

{and yes, I'm also freakishly obsessed with her pink, morganite, 3-carat wedding ring.. don't believe me, check out my subtle tribute to it on pinterest}

Okay, Okay.. there really isn't any comparison; it's like oranges and apples:

Pioneer Woman
-Cowboy Husband
...Love Maegan
-Businessman hubby

Final Score = a tie to cater to the split personality of the only judge (me)

*Don't let me sway you... check the BOTH out and see the awesomeness for yourself.
*photos courtesy of

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Inspire: verb, to encourage or affect emotionally

Recently I've been thinking about people that I look for in the media. People that, whenever I catch a glimpse of their name or likeness, I stop to read more about because I admire them in some form or fashion. [let me take a moment to remind you that I am a journalism major with a fetish for all things E! Network related and have semi-hippie chic sarcastic wit about me]

SoOoOOo00Ooo0O ....
without further adieu ... my celebrity crushes... for their talents of course:

The one. the only. Emma Stone.

Ideal actress for sarcastic wit, comedic timing, physical comedy, and just plain fun.
not to mention easy on the eyes...

Kate Winslet. Fabulously wonderful with her accent and mix of dramatic and romantic roles.

Gwenyth Paltrow. Daughter of actress Blythe Danner and producer Bruce Paltrow, she is the equivilent of silver screen royalty; yet, she is a powerhouse actress in her own right.

honesty always goes a long way in my book.

She also runs her own successful blog, Goop, and has a best selling cookbook.
Oh, and she's married to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.
rock star status: achieved.

Kate Hudson. Again, comedy is a favorite genre of mine. This wildly funny lady has managed to follow in her mother's (Goldie Hawn) wacky, yet wonderful footsteps all while making America fall in love with her laugh and RomCom roles.

Tina Fey. Writer. Actress. Comedian. Mother. Powerhouse. Enough said.

Carrie Underwood. Despite the obvious, her rockin' bod and crazy-awesome pipes, this lovely lady is the real-life proof that the "girl next door" can make it big.

Reese Witherspoon. Born and raised in Nashville, TN, this Southern belle shot to stardom after a personal fav. "Man on the Moon"and continued to charm audiences in her roles in "Pleasantville," "Cruel Intentions," "Legally Blonde," "Water for Elephants" and many more.

"Sweet Home Alabama"

sweet and sassy.

Katy Perry. Have always loved her, and probably always will. She's pop-y, funny, unafraid and just plain in your face, but I can't seem to get enough. I always find myself rooting for her, especially right now...

fabulously edgy.

Giuliana [DePandi] Rancic. seriously. there are not enough words in the English language.
journalist in DC. reporter. Writer, Producer and Host of E! News and Fashion Police.
Breast Cancer Survivor.
My career role model.

Rachel Zoe. fashion guru. brains behind RZ fashion line. celebrity stylist. creator of the Zoe Report. TV show on Bravo. wife and mother.
She's bananas.

Kristen Wiig. Hilariously funny. Writer [wrote "Bridesmaids" among others].
SNL regular. actress. Gilly.
Not afraid to be truly funny.

Nicole Ritchie. Former bff of Paris Hilton. Daughter of Lionel Ritchie. Wife of Joel Madden. Mother of Harlow and Sparrow. Brains behind "House of Harlow 1960" design house.
Hippie chic fashion idol.

Steve Jobs. that is all.

Annie Liebovitz. Celebrity Photographer [see "fav. photography" tab of this blog].

Khloe and Lamar [Lam Lam] Odom. Say what you want, I give props to anyone who's willing to speak their mind and fight for the life they want.

Adele. Raw, honest, and the most soulful voice since The Supremes.

There you have it. The short list of people I comb the media portals for in order to soak up an knowledge of their lives and successes.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pin here, pin there, everywhere a pin, pin

This little devil above has been the death of all things productive in anyone's life since its craze swept over college campuses and workplaces everywhere.....
but there are some positives:

1. people are more creative (in a lazy way) can attempt to have a shorter engagement since you've got a pinboard for that already

3. the same is true for furnishing and decorating a house

4. or office

5. planning vacations..

6. or animals..

7. or your wardrobe

8. or even your kid's wardrobe

9. not to mention the recipes

0r my new favorite:

10. D.I.Y.

Here's a short list of what I want to try from the comfort of my own house..

-for my teeth

-my a)face
and this and that

so head on over and pin for yourself... it's kind of like Lay's potato chips... you can have just one


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