Saturday, August 6, 2011

pretty in pink

This self-proclaimed hippie-grunge, casual, no glitz gal has unexpectedly and involuntarily turned a new leaf. I've never really been one for tutu's and sparkles; at least that's what my mom tells me. I was the child that insisted on dressing herself in mismatched, borderline tomboy clothes much to the dismay and embarrassment of my preppy, dress-wearing, bow wielding older sister. But, hey, that's how I rolled. Until lately.

These days I'm a fan of anything and everything girly; the more pink or sparkly the better. I mean seriously, My friend Kelsey Jo will understand where I'm coming from--being obsessed with all things blue-specifically turquoise- she has also turned a new glittery leaf and gone so far as to purchase a PINK planner for the school year. I think this epidemic is spreading fast. So, I took it upon myself to figure out why it is that girls might be obsessed with pink frills and sparkles. It doesn't take long to figure out we never even had a chance...

Children's minds are extremely impressional; no wonder little girls grow up drenched in glitter. The first hints of this girliness come from Sleeping Beauty; I mean, c'mon who wouldn't wanna wear that dress and twirl with her prince??
Next I blame the 80s, specifically Pretty in Pink. Any girl that says she didn't want Andie (in her pink dress) and Blane to get back together at the prom is lying through her teeth. (even though Ducky made a valiant effort)
[Carrie Bradshaw in her "final night in NYC" dress. note that it's as frilly as possible]

The examples go on and on, but I'm choosing to embrace my new found girliness to the fullest extent. Here's why...
You can dress it way, way up. I would willingly wear ANY of these for a night on the town.

You can dress it down.

You can dress it all around.

Or do it loud and proud with accessories.

So, whether you're 2,

or 92, or somewhere in between- embrace that fun, girly, sparkly self that we all know is trying to let loose.

[my current fashion necessity: a pale pink blazer]

*all photos courtesy of pinterest

Friday, August 5, 2011

it's a love story, baby, just say yes

Oliver and Jennifer from "Love Story"

We've all seen them. The movies that make you sigh and imagine your prince charming. With a culture saturated by instant gratifications it's no wonder we find waiting for "the right one" more than mildly irritating. BUT no fear my faithful companions--my incredibly fiery, full of life friend, Jessica Carroll forwarded me an article today. I don't care who you are these articles will give you a new perspective of they way you view your very own love story.

BUT I recommend reading both to get the full benefit

So, no matter what your ideal "love story" looks like...

Noah and Allie

Sixteen Candles

Carrie and Big

Giuliana and Bill

or even Katy Perry and Russell Brand

take heart in knowing that being yourself is all you need.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

who needs pictures?

I do.
After a year of photojournalism classes it's no secret that I'm fond of a pretty picture, but lately my obsession has taken a slight twist.

Not only am I obsessed with looking at well-taken photographs, I'm now on the hunt for vintage cameras of all kinds. This fire was fueled yesterday when I stopped by Sheffields Antiques and got lost in the rows of possibilities.

One day I hope to have an office big enough for a cabinet full of antique cameras and typewriters.
[something like this is what I'm thinking]

Here begins my search:

This amazing camera is a hybrid of vintage flare and digital technology, and I WANT one! Not only is it uber chic but also practical; it's a win/win. This will definitely be on my Christmas list..

'til then I'll stick with my lil rebel


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