Tuesday, July 30, 2013

[Happily] Amusing Ourselves to Death

The title is borrowed from a very interesting book I read for extra credit in high school (any of you shocked by the fact that I frequently sought extra credit even with a high grade clearly don't know me very well). The book, in my humble opinion, was spot on. Scary (much like Brave New World), but alarmingly true. According to The New York Daily News, the average American spends 34 hours a week watching TV. I'm no exception. In fact I'd venture to say I might watch more than average (or at least I used to).

On this idea, I wanted to share with you some of the hours of my life I wish I could get back, and which ones I'd happily give away again if given the opportunity to.

Shows I wish I would've jumped on board with from the beginning (instead of carving out time to watch multiple seasons now):

-Mad Men (the fashion, premise, and cast. yes, please.)

-New Girl (quirky style, and humor - I can relate)

-Dexter (I do love Criminal Minds and Snapped)

Shows I wish I hadn't wasted my time with-- those hours are lost for.ev.er. now:

-PLL (just tell us who A is already so we can move on with our lives. I refuse to be like my mom watching Days of our Lives with main characters grandchildren now being factored into the plot.)

-The Kardashians (I know, I know. I was once their biggest fan, but enough is enough people. In the words of Kris Humphries, "Four years ago you sold clothes in a boutique in the Valley. Now, like all the sudden, you're miss princess!")

-The Hills (I mean, c'mon, was the ripping down of the backdrop really necessary?! We get it, it wasn't reality, but geez way to alienate your loyal fanbase Adam DiVello.)

Shows I happily watch:

-Giuliana and Bill (amazaballs boo boo)

-The Americans (rise comrades) 

-Pretty Wicked Moms (swanky and fabulous)

-Sister Wives (love should be multiplied, not divided)

I wish they'd bring back:

-Gilmore Girls (Hi, hello, where do you think I learned quick wit and my love of coffee from?)

-Girls Next Door (I know Holly and Kendra have bebes and Hef has a wife, but I'm still holding out hope.)

-SATC (I get that there is nothing left for them to do, but I wasn't done watching the character yet.)

-The O.C. (I still don't get why Marissa had to die...)

- Friends (Yes, I'm still waiting for the reunion special that will never happen.)

 Any strong feelings about your favs?

Monday, July 29, 2013

DIY Explosion

Yep. This happened. Last week I went DIY crazy and did not one but two projects. To say I feel accomplished is an understatement. In case you're curious, here's how they went:

For me, I finally got around to painting my wooden monogram I bought at a craft festival last fall (yes, I've been re-doing my old high school room for that long-- but a before and after post is coming soon).
[top left: what I started with-- sad, unpainted monogram on trash bag,
top right: what I used to make the sad monogram happy
bottom left: letting it dry after spray paint mania
bottom right: finished product on my dark gray bedroom wall]

 For JT, since he finally got around to having a housewarming party, I figured he needed a "manly" front door hanger that made his already adorable house perfect. I enlisted the aid of experienced DIYer, my cousin, Ashleigh.

[top row: start off with a plain wooden letter from Hobby Lobby 
and paint a light coat of "avocado" green on both sides
middle rows: once the paint has dried (10 ish minutes), spray small areas of the green letter and quickly stick handfuls of Spanish moss on it, pressing it down as you go. 
last row: once the letter is covered, use scissors to trim the moss to ensure the letter actually looks like a letter. Doesn't have to be perfect, just readable. Then spray a final coat of avocado green over the top; let dry. Last, hot glue burlap ribbon to the backside of letter to hang]

Happy DIYing!

Friday, July 26, 2013

It's Friday, Friday

No matter if you participated in "Thirsty Thursday" last night (and are subsequently a walking zombie at work now), missed a deadline, or have no weekend plans to look forward to... just remember..
it could always be worse...
{click here for the story on Amanda's extension in the looney bin}

But then again... 
I guess it could be better, too...

"I am who I am. I can't pretend to be somebody 
who makes $25,000 a year."

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Juice Plus

It's no secret that I've been bitten by the juicing craze, but I've never been brave enough to actually take the plunge and try one. I was thinking about it today, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks-- I already do juice... plus.

Juice Plus+ has been a Cox family habit since I was in high school, and my mom even sells the stuff. It's full of fruits, veggies, and nutrients to make it oh-so-easy to meet your daily goals of good stuff. It's helped my allergies and my track record with illnesses like colds and flu, not to mention the whole digestive aspect.

But don't take my word for it, click here for expert reviews, published scientific journals, and testimonials about whole food nutrition.

It even comes in gummy-form in case you have a rough time with the capsules.

Fun facts: 
-it's made in the good ole U.S. of A.
-Juice Plus+ has other products besides the vitamins
-My mom has gotten other people in our family and her friends to start taking it and they now swear by it, too.
-I've actually been at events where people walk up to my mom and ask for it because they've 1) heard of the benefits 2) know she uses it and sells it or 3) just found our they're preggers (yes, it has amazing benefits for all but especially helpful to keep lil bambinos healthy in the womb).

And if all this doesn't convince you... what could it hurt?
Think about it: 
since when is eating more 
fruits and veggies a bad thing?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mambo Italiano

Ey, mambo, mambo Italiano. 
(yes, I sang this while I made this easy-peasey Italian classic on Sunday night).

Always wished I was Italian like my girl G, but i figure eating like one is the next best thing. Looking for quite possibly the easiest go-to dinner ever? I have found it (thanks to my Nannie, MJ, and my cousin, Ashleigh).

I give you, homemade pizza.

1 Boboli original pizza crust (located on an aisle-end near the frozen food section of your local grocery store--not with the other pizza crusts)
1 package/box of Boboli pizza sauce
*then any cheeses, veggies, meats etc that you desire 
(we used shredded "pizza" cheese, mozzarella, cheddar, diced tomatoes, peperoni, and jalapenos.) 

[our pizza pre-oven]

-spread around 1 ish tablespoon of olive oil on pizza crust (leaving room to hold the crust)
-1 package of pizza sauce
-layer cheese, meats, veggies, then top with additional layer of cheese before popping it in the oven for 10 minutes at 450 degrees.
-slice and enjoy with a glass of red wine
[finished product--perfecto]

so easy a cave man could do it

Friday, July 19, 2013


Thank. Goodness. I'm. Fabulous.
[a quote from the oh so swanky Emily Dees-Boulden]

For me, though, it simply means THANK GOD it's [finally] Friday. Runnin' on empty over here these days. 

This is what I'm currently doing:

This is what I wish I was doing:

 [watching any of these]

 [laying in my PJs shopping online]

[decorating for Christmas]

[at any of these places]

Is it 5 o'clock yet...?

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