Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the girls of fall

FALL is finally here and no one could be happier than i am! among the fabulosities that fall has to offer come my amazing friends.
Samford has brought me to some of the most amazing relationships that i could have ever hoped for; (to my friends) im blessed maxed out by each and every one of you.
each one of you has made me a better person and shaped me in ways i never could have imagined. I know this sounds BEYOND cheesy, but it has to be said.
FRIEND GROUP: every single one of you has made me a bett
er person. everyday i am thankful for God bringing ya'll into my life.

SUPPORT GROUP: my mentors, my moms. how would i function without your advice..(interesting to say the least) love you all

we are the girls of fall.... although everyone knows we rock every season.
2 of my favorite things:
b) the girls of fall

"you mess with one girl, you got us all.. the girls of fall"

Friday, September 10, 2010

rush, rush, rush all day long. crank it up, bang it up, bring it on home..

Recruitment season is in full swing, and only the strong survive (kidding, sort of..). This insane time of year makes me remember why i love being a part of a Greek organization. May sound cheesy, i know, but it's true. Although i may complain about the long hours, manual labor, and semi-forced happy faces (during practice), i secretly love singing "one blue, two blue" 'til i'm blue in the face.

I love the fact that i'm part of something that has been strong long before me and will continue to be strong after me. I am but a small part of the legacy left, but an important part. I love the friends that this organization has provided me with, and for that i am eternally grateful. When i think about the fact that ADPi is the pathway that led me to my fabulous friends, ican't help but want to make that opportunity possible for everyone.

SO-- in spite of however much homework, lack of sleep, or whatever i am giving up for recruitment, i will choose to remember how much the classy ladies before me gave up so that i could be a part of the first and the finest, and i will give the girls after me the same courtesy.

for better or for worse, these girls have my back.. and i have theirs.

here's to you ADPi

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Start of something new...

Junior Year is off to a great start! after moving in for 12 hours( with a few minor difficulties) we are all settled in. The big event this week was not classes or reuniting with old friends (although both were great), it was my roomsiepoo's 21st birthday!

As the first one from the "Friend Group"(aka the FG) it was quite an ordeal, and we weren't about to settle for the usual birthday festivities.

the night was documented as follows...
first, we ran in and blindfolded the birthday girl at 11:30pm
then we proceeded to dress her in a fabulous ensemble for her adventure

the friend group (minus a certain rho gam) ready to depart

part 1: take a picture with the EX golf cart
keep in mind... mere has NO idea where she is or what she is doing
Part 2: picture with campus security officer

Part 3: pose with plants and other random objects the she thinks are on the Quad
(around this time Mere informs us that if we are going somewhere she forgot her ID.. so kelsey and I SPEED back to campus to get it)

At approx. 12:05 am, we lead Meredith into Jackson's and everyone starts clapping. We force her to keep her blindfold on as she has her ID checked and orders a shot.

most.epic.shot.of.the.night: She finally rips off her blindfold and realizes A) she's at Jackson's B)other Samford people are there and C) she's in a ridiculous outfit BUT doesn't care b/c it's her birthday!



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