Friday, December 20, 2013

Famous Friends (part 3)

The time has come to re-up a favorite series of mine: famous peeps I'm almost certain I'd be friends with. Part 1 is here and part 2 is here. For this installment (in all fairness I warned you) is the one and only bitchy-yet-lovable sister of Edward Cullen, the sweet songbird wife of Paul McDonald, and the all around style icon, Nikki Reed

Meredith and I both agree she's the perfect combo of "All American" meets "exotic looking" and she manages to always look edgy yet classic. A hard thing to pull off I'd imagine. She has a millions things going at once, yet always has a fun bubbly outlook, per her instagram which I follow daily. So why do I think we'd be great friends?

First, I love her style, and think we'd share clothes swimingly.

Second, her goofiness. Few can make such weirdness adorable.

Third, she has the rare ability to make her warp-speed relationship with Paul McDonald (met in March 2010 and were married by October of that same year) look cute instead of creepy (which, let's face it, it had potential to be)

She has amazing taste in jewelry (including this Lola James necklace).

She can act and mysteriously sing well? Yet another reason she's amazeballs.

Finally, I feel as though I'd be friends with Rosalie and since they're one in the same, naturally I'd befriend Nikki.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Black Honey

I'm way late to the party, but glad I arrived. Much like with Zara, once I find these gems (that apparently everyone uses but never talks about) I wonder how I ever lived without it. Enter: Clinique's almost lipstick in Black Honey

It's basically the grown up version of Dr. Pepper Chapstick. It gives your lips the right amount of color, looks great on everyone, and feels like (you guessed it) Chapstick. It's also a steal at $15. Seriously, how did I ever live without this stuff?? If you're wondering what lip color I'll be wearing through the holidays... look no farther. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Who You Love

I'm sorry, I'm not sorry because I love this couple and this video... to heck with Beyonce and her secret album (just kidding.. but I still haven't listened to any of it or seen any of the allegedly awesome video clips - gasp!) (click here or here for background on the writing on the song and casting of the couples in the video). 

I found myself smiling and getting chills (much like I did when I watched the Khloe and Lamar: Happily Ever After wedding on E! in the ADPi house). Clearly I'm too emotionally invested in celebrity couples, but ya know what? You love who you love. That's my only defense. Watch and enjoy. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

folks dressed up like eskimos

In preparation for the festivities this past weekend, I allowed myself to swing by Old Navy to see if I could find any seasonal steals (I must admit, all of the posts from A Piece of Toast and Glitter Guide about Old Navy sales tipped me off). To my delight, I found 2 pairs of jeans, and 3 tops and only spent a little over $100 total. How fabulous is that?!

One of my finds was this Kelly green monogram sweater. I'm in love. It's comfy cozy, soft, and oh so cute. I was a bigger fan of the color scheme for the "S" sweater ( a camel sweater with red letter), but was happy they carried my initial at all (they only have about 5 to choose from... so I'm sorry in advance if your name or last name isn't on of those chosen letters [M, J, S, A, or  L]). Even the cashier noted, "Lucky you-- we had your letter!"

But in the chance they don't, don't fret. I promise your trip won't be in vain. From sparkly flats and wool winter coats to dressy flannel (I paired this flannel shirt with my white columbia vest, jeans, and Minnetonka moccasins to run errands Saturday morning) and holiday blouses (I wore this one to the Peabody and Majestic this weekend), I'm sure you'll walk away with something. I highly recommend a trip if you're looking for a little last minute stocking stuffer for yourself or a loved one. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Festive Weekend Recap

As if I wasn't already excited about Christmas, this weekend sent me over the edge. Work holiday party, cocktails at the Peabody, family dinner at Majestic, Advent, and our annual family cookie bake all in one weekend? Couldn't have asked for a better way to usher in the holiday season. Here's a few snapshots of our festivities:

{JT and me in front of the massive Peabody Hotel Christmas tree.}

{There were no seats in the lobby, so my ever-resourceful boyfriend spotted a friendly couple who let us share a table with them. We ended up chatting with them for a few hours while we waited for our reservations, and plan to keep in touch. Pleasant twist on the evening.}

{the cookie baking gals. an art 
our family has perfected for generations}

{JT getting excited for his second annual cookie bake}

{my lovely sissy and bebe T's first cookie bake. 
can't wait for him to play in the icing and flour next year.}

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Friday

Thank goodness it's Friday! There's so much to look forward to -- not only is Christmas time in full swing, but my weekend calendar is turning out to look pretty darn festive.

{Peabody Hotel Christmas tree lighting, 2012 via here}

For starters, the CMi company Christmas party is tonight complete with drinks and appetizers. Tomorrow (after my not-so-festive oil change in the morning) JT and I are going to the Peabody Hotel to grab a cocktail and enjoy the fabulous tree (Memphis' equivalent of the Rockafeller Center behemoth) and atmosphere of the lobby while we wait for our reservation at Majestic Grille on Main Street with my whole fam jam. I'm so excited my aunt put the family dinner together, a great reason for everyone to get together and enjoy a yummy meal downtown. Another bonus is that (for those that don't know) the Majestic used to be a movie theatre and kept it's charm by leaving a giant movie screen up on the far end of the restaurant. During the holidays, they play Christmas classics (without sound) to enjoy while you nosh on the deliciousness. As if all that wasn't festive enough, we're having our annual cookie baking session (2010 session seen here) on Sunday after church (3rd Sunday of Advent)Oh how I love this time of year!
{baking Christmas Cookies circa 2010}

Happy Friday, my little elves!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

On the first day of..

Glitzmas, I gave to myself....
one. golden. manicure.
{sung in First Day of Christmas tune}

I seriously cannot believe there are only 12 days 'til Christmas (or Glitzmas, whichever you prefer). Technically, I think there are only 11 days since I count Christmas Eve as Christmas proper, but nevertheless... it's quickly approaching. 

As a reward for getting all of my Christmas shopping done (and nearly everything wrapped) I allowed myself to go all out for a festive Christmas mani

How are you prepping for the holidays?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fight like a Girl?

{image via here}

In lieu of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show that aired last night (and subsequently made ladies of all ages get up and go to the gym this morning...) I wanted to share this article. Leave it to Refinery29 to bring us such wondrousness. Granted, It's not nearly as hilarious as the men that have child labor simulated on them, but it gives a brief look at how exactly the VS Angels get their covetable bods.. and what the gentlemen of TIME look like trying... 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

JOY to the world

Yes, the title is meant to be said in Clark W. Griswold fashion.

It's nearly mid-December and there's so darn much to be joyful about. Even though I had a nose bleed from the severely dry weather last night and this morning accidentally dropped my $50 Urban Decay eyeshadow palette in the toilet. For example, things that currently make be bust at the seams with j-o-y are:

1) reading this book

 2) spotting fur coats on my wintry outings

3) not seeing (as many) weird looks when you wear sequins during the day

4) the fact that Christmas is nearly upon us...
 5) ...which reminds me of this.. and there you have it -- JOYful.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Words of Wisdom

{via here}

It's Monday, so heaven knows I need as much wisdom as I can get. Thankfully, my morning routine of checking Levo League hit the nail on the head. It's no secret I've had entrepreneurship on the brain, and my curiosity for people behind the brand is always indulged on Beyond the Pencil Skirt (BtPS)

Today's wisdom is from one such BtPs with Rank and Style:

Our Career wisdom for young professional women:

Follow your gut, trust your instincts. And don’t hesitate to ask someone you admire out for a cup of coffee–you’ll be surprised how often people are willing to help. Then pay it forward.

What inspired you to found Rank & Style?

Sarika: Starting my own business was a life-long dream, but I was waiting for the right idea, perfect partners…and courage.  Working at a growth company taught me so much about the adventure that is building a brand and solving a problem through an innovative product/idea. The experience inspired me to want to do the same and Rank & Style occurred to me when I was planning for a vacation and shopping for some travel essentials.  I felt strongly that women deserved a comprehensive, trustworthy, and efficient research platform and was determined to find a way to make this happen!
Pooja: Sarika. I was also at the point in my career where I was looking for a new challenge. I also come from a family of entrepreneurs—architects, crane manufacturers—we have it all! It’s a little scary to create something that’s your own from scratch, but sometimes you just have to give uncertainty a chance. Especially when it feels right.
Sonal: I’d always had entrepreneurial aspirations and after seven years practicing law, I was ready and eager to make a change. I was excited about the idea for R&S, felt passionate about our mission, believed in our team, and decided to take the leap!

Best piece of advice ever received:

Sarika: “Passion fuels persistence, productivity and ultimately success so make sure you feel real, tangible passion for what you do every day.”
Pooja: “Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today.” A quote by Thomas Jefferson and words my parents encourage me to live by.
Sonal: Don’t die wondering, never look back and make every day count.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy Friday

Maybe it's the ice storm outside, or maybe it's my love affair with metallic polka dots and Taylor Sterling, or maybe it's just plain old procrastination of me not wanting to transcribe interviews from this week and proof and rewrite drafts. Whatever the reason, I find myself currently lost in a whimsical daydream of sparkles, sequins and pastel-colored furs. I can also blame New Years and the rapidly-approaching holiday rush, but honestly I think it's just where my mind settles lately.

As a result of pondering the question of my last post, I made a trip to good ole Barnes and Noble to focus my wandering mind. What I stumbled upon is a happy blessing I'm excited to share. 

I made four purchases: a hot pink "inspiration/mood board" book, a black and gold prayer journal, a gold metallic 2014 planner, and a book on entrepreneurship (specifically how the founders of the shopping site Gilt turned their passion and knowledge into a wildly successful business).

There is a method to my madness (aside from the fabulous color palettes I was able to find). I've been feeling a bit restless as of late, and wanted to stop dreaming and start doing. The prayer journal is specifically for my career goals and aspirations. It reminds me to pray about the wanderings of my mind  as much as (or more than) I talk about them (which lately has been a lot). The inspiration book is already filling up with clippings from magazines and quotes and tidbits that send my mind off in a million directions. It's a mood board of sorts that allows me to feel like I have a creative outlet aside form my writing and 9 to 5 job. The calendar is (duh) to make order of my hectic schedule, and the book, By Invitation Only, is already challenging and teaching me in ways only a business degree sprinkled with fairy dust would.

I'm sure this isn't the last of these ideas I'll share, but I'm excited to focus my scatterbrained-self into realizing what exactly I want out of my degree in journalism and what possibilities might be around the corner, praying about it every step of the way.

Stay safe if you're out and about in Memphis today,
 and as always, Happy Friday!

*photos courtesy of Pinterest and myself.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Transformation Tuesday

For the most part, these transformations are reserved for awkward family photos or hilarious moments in the past compared to what you are now. In that regard, the title fits. 

No, I'm not including any awkward photos of myself (though Lord knows they exist), but rather I am addressing something that was not-so-subtly pointed out to me today: I'm willingly turning into Taylor Sterling.

Granted, I don't see this as a bad thing, nor does the glamorous individual who said it to me, but there's something to be said for the fact that I literally found out who she was a week ago and now stalk her every instagram post.

For those who don't know, Taylor Sterling is the founder and creative director of The Glitter Guide. She has a successful website, an adorable family, and a love for metallic polka dots (for this reason it was only a matter of time before our paths crossed).

She has a bebe (Elodie--yes, as in The Hills... as Mere would say, clearly she was team Heidi) on the way, a nursery that rivals royalty in cuteness, and somehow looks more glamorous at 9 months pregnant than I did going to a college formal. Added bonus, she's friends with my gal Julie of Gal Meets Glam.
{the coveted gold sheets}

I recognized the transformation was happening almost instantly. Yes, i share a love of gold, stripes and polka dots, but the fact that I found where her bedsheets are from (PB Teen) should have been my first clue. Next came the auto-correct of her name when I type in "Instagram" on my computer. Finally, please avoid Pinterest unless you want to see bookoos of annoying pins from me.
{yes, this is Taylor. The image everyone repins... it's actually her}

Again, I reiterate that I don't think having mentors is a bad thing, but there is a line of finding yourself instead of plugging yourself into a mold someone else created. Case and point, I am in love in Inslee Haynes. Truly, madly, deeply. Her illustrations make me smile, even when I have no relation to the image. Part of me (okay, a lot of me) views her blog and thinks "Wow, if only I could do _____."

I've since turned this obsession toward Taylor. When does designating a mentor cross a line into wanting to follow their footsteps instead of forging your own path/success? This is something I really gotta work on. Any advice is appreciated.

I can't help but think of when my friends and I used to mock a stereotypical sorority girl (which we are- minus Eddie, who would ask the questions to us) by saying, "Q: What's your favorite band? A: Trotline!, Q: What's your favorite color? A: Glitter!"

Although I do find it a bit ironic that one of my favorite colors really is gold (glitter) now.

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