Monday, December 6, 2010

We need a little Christmas, right this very minute..

As I sit in our decorated dorm room at 2am, clearly not studying for/finishing all my projects I realize I don't hate school as much as I say(or even think) I do. Granted, right now I could make a bonfire with all of my textbooks and not even blink, but I'm trying to tell myself I wouldn't be here having the amazing times I'm having without occasionally convincing my parents that its worth their life savings. Ergo, instead of focusing on the overwhelming annoyances in my life currently, I'll choose to dwell on the little "happys."
{throwback christmas card}

1) Christmas decorations/ all things Christmas
Seriously, I'm one of those mildly annoying individuals that could keep lights up year round if social norms would allow it. They never cease to make me feel like a five year old at Disney World

2) FG/SG
Yes, we realize we're annoying, but we don't care. My friends are the only thing that keep me sane (if you can call me that)
staying up all night laughing at stupid stuff, stringing movie quotes into conversations, and attempting to have a social life on top of school-- the shadies are the only reason I'm not "hanging from the shower rod"( Sex and the City... it's a joke people [side note:suicide is not a funny, but making jokes is])
ok... I'm officially over it. the Glee Christmas album has been on repeat enough, and despite the fact that my over-achiever roommate is still working on a stupid paper, I simply don't care anymore.

dance party to begin in room 218 shortly...


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