Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Maaauuuuuiiiiiiiiii (said in the "what happens in vegas" smoothiieee voice)

Long story, short: my fabulous mother won a trip to Maui, Hawaii through her office (shout out Cordova Vision Center). Being that everyone else had prior engagements, I was chosen to accompany her on the quest for relaxation because, hey, someone had to do it, right?
{my wonderful mama and me at our luau}

We went a few days early beacuse my oh so wise madre said that she wasn't flying all that way for just 3 days, and she has never been more right in her life. The plane rides were miz to say the least, but after being awake for 21 hours we were finally in MAUI.
{the night we arrived: our balcony view}

We had an absolutely fabulous time! we stayed at the beautiful Fairmont Kea Lani in Wailea and we ventured to Kehei and Lahaina as well. The tropical atmosphere was a much need break from the massive snowfall blanketing the southeast that week. Although we weren't completely off the hook; Hawaii had record-breaking rain fall the week we were there (so much so that a land fill of medical waste flooded into the ocean. yuck.)

{a beautiful Pacific sunset -pre flooding}

anywho.. our week of relaxation included but wasn;t limited to: laying out by the pool and swim up bar and grill, a fabulous massage, my very first facial, a trip to the fishing village of Lahaina, and of course, complementary pinapple every few hours.

As much as we loved Maui, we decided that a week off isn't really a vacation without ourfamily/friends. However, we returned relaxed and rejuvinated to the bitterly cold southeast just in time for more possible snow days (cue Miley Cyrus' "Best of Both Worlds")

{part of our rainy day jewlery/pearl adventure}

{in Kehei for the day}


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