Thursday, August 4, 2011

who needs pictures?

I do.
After a year of photojournalism classes it's no secret that I'm fond of a pretty picture, but lately my obsession has taken a slight twist.

Not only am I obsessed with looking at well-taken photographs, I'm now on the hunt for vintage cameras of all kinds. This fire was fueled yesterday when I stopped by Sheffields Antiques and got lost in the rows of possibilities.

One day I hope to have an office big enough for a cabinet full of antique cameras and typewriters.
[something like this is what I'm thinking]

Here begins my search:

This amazing camera is a hybrid of vintage flare and digital technology, and I WANT one! Not only is it uber chic but also practical; it's a win/win. This will definitely be on my Christmas list..

'til then I'll stick with my lil rebel


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