Friday, December 7, 2012

The Greatest Generation

71 years ago today, the attacks at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii would be well underway. Because I hope that my generation will never forget just how much those before us did, I want to remind them. For men like my Papaw and those I've met through Forever Young, there was no other choice, really. You fought, because you believed in the cause; our country supported you because they did too. I hope we as a generation, and as a country, never forget.

 {Thankful for the opportunity to get a guided tour of DC from this champ. Miss you Mr. Greene.}

 {Ashleigh and Me with my Papaw, Clyde Thomas May Sr., veteran of the U.S. Navy, WWII, Pacific Front}

 {as these men once told me: 
"The ones who didn't make it home, they were the real heros."}

*If you know any war veterans that have never been honored or seen their monuments, please contact me, my mom, or Forever Young Senior Wish. They're amazing, and every vet deserves to be honored in a special, public way.


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