Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars Obsessed

I (along with millions of other Americans) watched the oh-so-long telecast of the 85th Annual Academy Awards last night. And like many, many other females (and some males) that watched, I have a few opinions about the coveted fashion of the evening.

 Favorite Couples of the Evening:
{Ben and Jen... loved them all awards season. presh pots}

{Channing + Jenna + bambino on the way = adorable}

{Justin and Jen knocking to cuteness factor out of the park (step aside Brad and Angie)}

Favorite Looks:
 {Amy Adams...gorgeous head to toe}

 {Reese Witherspoon = retro perfection}

 {Jennifer Lawrence... she took a shot before the carpet.. need I say more?}

{Salma Hayek is maybe my most favorite look of the evening}

{Naomi Watts can do no wrong}

{the sequin divas of which I'm partial to Adele and Kristin}

Last, and sadly least, my Least Favorites/Underwhelmed:
 {Anne Hathaway... why? just why?}

 {Melissa McCarthy, You're hi.lar.ious. but... not your most flattering ensemble}

Who were your favorite hits and misses??

 *photos from and google search


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