Thursday, May 9, 2013

101 things in 1001 days

As promised, I worked on my list of 101 things in 1001 days. It's a combination of a to do list and bucket list with more of a finite time frame (hey, you can't live forever, and I want to make sure I'm getting the things I most want to do accomplished).

I'm interested to see how it goes; if I like it, I'd consider keeping it up and just updating the specifics. As per #1 (you'll see in a second), let me know if it inspires you to make a list too. And, I encourage you to keep me accountable. I keep a printed list in my Erin Condren planner to make sure I can keep track.

Here goes nothin':
101 things in 1001 days

Deadline: February 2, 2016
(if my math is correct)
{as of June 3, 2013, 7 of 101 complete} 
  1. inspire someone else to make a list
  2. organize my nail polish collection
  3. expand my closet (as in the physical dimensions)
  4. find my signature scent (Fancy by Jessica Simpson. I just can't get enough)
  5. wear heels (at least 3x in one week)
  6. find (I want one of I just have to save up) Buy the perfect cocktail ring/ signature ring a la The Family Stone ring
  7. go back to New Orleans
  8. learn 10 new recipes (1/9 complete-quinoa,)
  9. find my ideal skincare regimen
  10. read these classics(1/7 complete- I just read The Great Gatsby)
  11. go to a journalism conference of some kind
  12. gain 15 new blog followers
  13. make a connection to someone in the corporate beauty world
  14. read a Faulkner and Hemingway novel
  15. dip my toes in the Atlantic for the second time in my life (Memorial Day 2013, SC)
  16. pay off my student loans/be debt free
  17. learn more about my family history
  18. travel to 3 new cities (1/3 down- Pawley's Island, SC)
  19. go to a Music Festival
  20. meet/get a photo with a Grizzlies player (QPon, 5/16/13)
  21. take a photography class with Mary Jane/attend a Design Love Fest photoshop class
  22. shadow a photographer
  23. scrapbook my college memories
  24. mail 25 snail mail letters (1/25 complete)
  25. become more involved with the Memphis ADPi alum assoc.
  26. start donating/giving back to Samford
  27. spend an entire day with my mom and sister doing whatever they want
  28. go fishing with my dad
  29. talk at an event/speaking engagement
  30. visit Sean in Denver
  31. go back to the Smokey Mtns with my besties
  32. help connect at least one JMC student to a job interview
  33. work for one of my dream jobs
  34. work out at least twice a week for 3 months
  35. throw a surprise party
  36. host a dinner party
  37. find a worthy costume to top my “Katy Perry”
  38. help my mom organize and clean the house
  39. subscribe to the magazines I buy anyway
  40. figure out exactly what I'm allergic to  (dust, ceclor, and septra--May 2013)
  41. take a girls trip to NYC at Christmas time with mom, MJ, Em and Ash
  42. have a sleepover with my sister (May 22-24, 2013 b/c her air conditioning was out)
  43. have a sleepover with Ashleigh at college
  44. be at every home game for Memphis Tigers Basketball
  45. read the Bible cover to cover
  46. actually study the bible/participate in Bible studies
  47. find an organization to contribute to/serve/support/participate in
  48. run a 5k
  49. see the rockettes
  50. face my fear of heights
  51. find a new hair style
  52. invest in a LV or Chanel bag
  53. travel out of the country
  54. guest blog for a popular site
  55. perfect the art of iced coffee
  56. tour a brewery
  57. wine taste at a vineyard
  58. drink an O'Carr's milkshake and eat a baby bite in Birmingham
  59. share my testimony
  60. find out 10 fun facts I didn't know about my Papaw
  61. throw a shower/party/brunch
  62. buy ice cream from an ice cream truck
  63. run on a trail with a puppy
  64. try one new workout outside of my comfort zone
  65. try yoga
  66. organize my movie collection
  67. watch at least half of the bond movies (1 down)
  68. get a monogrammed piece from S. Meredith
  69. have an inslee illustration of myself for the blog
  70. paint a room
  71. purchase either duck boots or hunter rain boots
  72. have a library in my house
  73. figure out who A is in PLL
  74. go on a mission trip
  75. use my press pass to get into an event
  76. start tithing consistently
  77. learn to shoot a gun
  78. learn to drive a stick shift car
  79. go to Dollywood
  80. go to a concert
  81. find the perfect recording device for interviews
  82. find an idiot proof self-tanner
  83. complete a DIY project from Pinterest
  84. have a friend take pictures for my blog
  85. get better at Spanish/use it
  86. run at Shelby farms
  87. freelance for 2 new places
  88. travel to Texas
  89. dye my hair red
  90. find a reason to wear my cowboy boots
  91. watch Gone With the Wind
  92. bake bread
  93. take the train somewhere
  94. find a a tea (ex. Herbal, chai, breakfast, chamomile) I desire to drink Arizona Diet Green Tea
  95. check out books at the library/use my library card
  96. take a spin class
  97. wear a jumper/jumpsuit 
    100. plant a garden (6/2/13 at JT's house)
    101. put $10 in my savings account for each item I complete.

I'll keep you posted about the progress!


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