Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy (flashback) Friday/Valentine's Day!

Today has already brought on so many happy emotions and it's not even noon. I'm a huge fan of holidays in general, but this one is exceptionally lovely. 
{Meemaw and me in my favorite spot}

For starters, I went to the gym with my dad and used my early Valentine's present from JT again, and yep, I still love it. So the endorphins weren't a bad way to get things going. I got the sweetest card from my mama along with some valentines happys, and watched my dad sneak to the garage and get mama's present out of his toolbox (how stinking cute?!)

While I was getting ready, I thought about my sister, and how very different this Valentine's is from last year. Then, she had just gone through her second miscarriage and was feeling particularly blue, as anyone would imagine. I purchased this happy (she's the one with the ring and pale nail polish, I'm the one with the lipstick-stained mug and dark nails--it really couldn't be more fitting for us) for her as a reminder that we'd always have each other and that I was (and am) so thankful for our bond as sisters. This year, she's mere weeks away from giving birth to her first bebe. God is good, and I can't help but smile when I think of how far we've all come since last year.
{at Mary Jane's wedding in what she called her "wedding dress" 
since she wore it to all her kid's weddings}

Next came the group text from my mama to my aunt, cousin, emily and me saying how this day is always kind of bittersweet because it's filled with so much love, but is a vivid reminder of my wonderful Meemaw who would've been 88-years-old tomorrow. It's beyond crazy that she's been gone over a decade. In some ways it's easier, but in other ways the void is still very apparent. We've chosen to dwell on the positive: her life, her love, and her powerful legacy of strong women in our family. Today, I'm wearing two rings that were passed down to me; subtle things like that always make me feel closer to her. 
{Left: JT's tiger ring, and my Meemaw's band-Ashleigh has the other :) // Right: Purple was her favorite color as amethyst was her birthstone, and she collected tons of amethyst jewelry.}

To top it off, JT sweetly agreed to go visit my Papaw with me tonight for Valentine's. I've got a good one, and today I'm especially thankful for his kindness and strong family values. 

So however you spend your day, I hope it's filled with crazy, stupid amounts of love. God is great, God is good, and God is full of love for you and me. 


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