Monday, May 12, 2014


our first night in Nashville at The Tavern.

'Tis the season ladies and gents, both figuratively and literally. Spring and Summer are always prime time for weddings and events, but this is takes the cake for me. Perhaps it's my age/phase of life, or perhaps it's just summer again and that's when everyone wants "June weddings at the Plaza." Who knows. All I know is I'm on a marathon of happiness, cocktails, Bed Bath and Beyond coupons, and dress fittings, and it's sublime.

From the end of April to Mid-June, I have a grand total of 5 weddings (a bridesmaid in 2), one graduation, a handful of birthdays, a family beach trip, and I just got back from a bachelorette weekend in Nashvegas. Whew. Cheers to the freakin' weekend, oh wait, it's Monday.

Here are a few snapshots from Kelsey Jo's #AllPinkEverything (taken from Eva the Diva's "all red everything" tagline) Bach Bash:  

The Bride-to-be, Kelsey Jo

some of her maids, R to L: Ashley, Erin, August, bride, Mere, EZ, me.

my turn with the gorgeous bride-to-be

yes, I went all the way to Nashville to get a pic with Elvis.


readying the sash

The whole gang ready to hit the town after yummy Rosepepper Cantina supper.

Nashville, you didn't disappoint. 
Now, to schedule in some sleep...


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