Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Paint me a Birmingham

ok ok.. my family as my witness, I MISS BIRMINGHAM. They probaly know this fact a little too well if ya catch my drift. However, i don't think they realize the full extent of WHY i miss it.

Ergo, this is my feeble attempt to give them a very small glimpse of how exactly things roll in the 'ham.

numero uno: THE FRIEND GROUP. no matter what we are doing, these girls seriously always have my back. laughing, crying, dancing, sitting, whining, eating, studying (psh, right).. you name it, we do it.....together.

numero dos: DORM LIFE. i honestly never thought i'd say that i MISS living on a hall full of screaming girls. I find it eerie and abnormal to have a quiet, dark sleeping quarter. I also miss people walking in my room at 2am, even thought the lights are out, just to talk. im crazy i know...

reason 3: SPONTANEOUS MOMENTS. Whether it's piling in a car to go get piercings( minus me :) ) are frat-lapping 'til the wee hours of the morning.
{helping k-ho through her millionth piercing}

reason 4: GREEK LIFE.. (helloooo, did you honestly think i would leave this out?!) there IS a reason i sign my life away year after year with important chores to do. I love basically everything about it: rush, parties (duh), philanthropy, parades, floats, accessories, and more... can't wait for junior year....

ooooookkkkkkk.... SO i can't lie... i AM having fun at home. But now maybe my friends and family here can finally see just a morsel of why im itching to get back to the 'ham.

'til then.. im loving my home sweet home....


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