Sunday, August 1, 2010

Spread your wings and.. fly?

For as long as I can remember, I've had a passion for magazines. (specifically In Style and Vogue) I have also only been north of the Mason-Dixon line ONCE in my entire life. vs.

These may seem like meaningless facts about my life, but in reality, they are two very major pieces of information.

When I chose Samford I quickly fell in love with the gorgeous landscape, rolling hills, and Deep South feel that Alabama offers. I also fell in love with my major, Journalism and Mass Communication. (more affectionately known as JMC) (Again.. i know.. seems meaningless, but I have a point, I promise.)

Now that my aspirations of working for a major magazine have shifted slightly to the ever-exciting world of Public Relations, my heart and mind have never felt more out of sync. (que violins)

Soooo, I'm left asking myself, "What's a girl to do?!"

I LOVE the South, for obvious reasons, but mainly because it's my home. The place I feel most alive, safe, free and loved. The most valued people reside here, and their opinions matter more than I care to admit. I genuinely love the way I feel here.

BUT there's something to be said for following your dreams too, right? At this point I have no idea. If following MY dreams means living alone in a closet-sized, high priced residence waiting to pay my dues in a" City that ever sleeps," I may opt for the comfort of a wrap-around porch and counting the cars on the highway. BUT, maybe I wouldn't. I just can't tell.

Clearly this is something I struggle with often; my logic says, "Do what you know. Do what is safe." But my heart is screaming, "Take a chance!! You'll NEVER know 'til you try."

So, I'm sending this cosmic question into the world as a sort of plea. What's a girl to do?


Stay tuned....


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