Friday, September 10, 2010

rush, rush, rush all day long. crank it up, bang it up, bring it on home..

Recruitment season is in full swing, and only the strong survive (kidding, sort of..). This insane time of year makes me remember why i love being a part of a Greek organization. May sound cheesy, i know, but it's true. Although i may complain about the long hours, manual labor, and semi-forced happy faces (during practice), i secretly love singing "one blue, two blue" 'til i'm blue in the face.

I love the fact that i'm part of something that has been strong long before me and will continue to be strong after me. I am but a small part of the legacy left, but an important part. I love the friends that this organization has provided me with, and for that i am eternally grateful. When i think about the fact that ADPi is the pathway that led me to my fabulous friends, ican't help but want to make that opportunity possible for everyone.

SO-- in spite of however much homework, lack of sleep, or whatever i am giving up for recruitment, i will choose to remember how much the classy ladies before me gave up so that i could be a part of the first and the finest, and i will give the girls after me the same courtesy.

for better or for worse, these girls have my back.. and i have theirs.

here's to you ADPi


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