Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the girls of fall

FALL is finally here and no one could be happier than i am! among the fabulosities that fall has to offer come my amazing friends.
Samford has brought me to some of the most amazing relationships that i could have ever hoped for; (to my friends) im blessed maxed out by each and every one of you.
each one of you has made me a better person and shaped me in ways i never could have imagined. I know this sounds BEYOND cheesy, but it has to be said.
FRIEND GROUP: every single one of you has made me a bett
er person. everyday i am thankful for God bringing ya'll into my life.

SUPPORT GROUP: my mentors, my moms. how would i function without your advice..(interesting to say the least) love you all

we are the girls of fall.... although everyone knows we rock every season.
2 of my favorite things:
b) the girls of fall

"you mess with one girl, you got us all.. the girls of fall"


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