Friday, September 14, 2012

Dream Destinations (part I)

 This morning, a co-worker caught my attention by telling me a story about the drawbridge in Mystic, Connecticut. He said it was so idyllic and beautiful that it was his dream job to be the "drawbridge guy" and have the attention of the whole town every time a boat needed to pass by. 

This got me thinking about the movies and television shows I love, and where exactly they're located. While most are actual places, some are fictitious but no less loved by the faithful viewers. 

Alas, this is part one of my "dream destinations" series because there are far too many (roughly 20 so far) to put in one blog post alone. 

So, come away with me for a bit, would you?

First stop is none other than the idyllic

 {most might recognize it from Mystic Pizza in which
Julia Roberts made her acting debut}

 {Mystic is a port city; prime for fall photographs, no doubt}

{precious little harbor town}

Continuing on our journey of New England is
{This charming city is the home-base for the 

 {This sidewalk might catch your memory as the place where 
Blake Lively's character, Bridget, runs into her ex, Eric.}

Speaking of charming destinations, next stop is fictitious small-town of Charming, California
home to Jax, Opie and the men of mayhem

 {Although viewers of the show know all too well that Charming is anything but, the town is supposedly located in the 
beautiful San Joaquin Valley.}

Back east, and significantly more well off, Richard and Emily Gilmore's home is in
{While this pic makes their humble abode less than friendly-looking, it's also home to Rory's high school, Chilton, and conveniently located 30 minutes from her home in
 fictitious Stars Hollow.}

 {the cast of Gilmore Girls travels all around New England over the course of the series, but Hartford is a staple location (hello, Friday night dinners in exchange for tuition money)}

Last, but certainly not least, on this installment of dream destinations is
but as a local, like these peeps
{"I just love New York in the fall. Makes me want 
to buy school supplies." You've Got Mail}

 {infamous brownstone Carrie Bradshaw of SATC calls home}

{Rachel and Phoebe in front of the fictitious coffee 
shop of Friends, Central Perk}

 {okay, okay. This pic is technically in Bedford, NY (another dream location) it's featured in one of my all-time favs, Stepmom, which also takes place partially in NYC}

{NYC might as well be another character in GG for how
 much it plays into the scandal, xoxo}

{an oldie, but a goody-one of the first movies I recognize as showing NYC at it's finest}

NYC is the location for hundreds of movies and shows but my personal favs, 
other than those already listed are:

Stay tuned for the next 5 dream destinations...


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