Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dream Destinations (part III)

 Part three of our journey continues to walk through some of my favorite movies and one bonus venue just because 
(you'll thank me later, I promise.)

First, the home place of George, Nina, 
Annie and Matthew Banks,

{Again, one movie I could watch over and over again 
and never get sick of, Father of the Bride.} 

{The house. So, it's not technically located at 24 Maple Drive, 
but I'll forgive them. It's still epically beautiful, and surprisingly, "warm in the winter and cool in the summer," 
according to George, Steve Martin's character.}

Next, I'm taking you east, to Kelsey Jo's backyard of Quantico, Virginia.
Also home to the Marine base and tons of other FBI-related sanctions including
BAU's finest, the cast of Criminal Minds.

Next, staying in the vacinity, is the fictional town of Capeside, Massachusetts

 {this harbor town had the perfect small-town feel that made you wish your friends were only a house away.}

Fourth, I'm headed down south to the town of Natchitoches, Louisiana.
{Any takers for their annual Festival of Lights?}

 {This charming town if home to the Southern Belle's 
{They're even kind enough to give you a tour of where the movie was shot, which makes this a must visit location for me.}

Lastly, a town that need no movie to highlight
 its amazingness,
specifically, Mohonk Mountain House.

 {Yes, this is a real place, and I'm told it has been the haven of many a celeb and socialite including 
the Vanity Fair magazine staff's company retreat. 
Good enough for them; good enough for me.}

 {For a tidy sum, you, too, can vacation in this breathtaking hideaway in the foothills of New York.}

On that happy note, enjoy your Wednesday, and stay tuned for the next, and final, installment of Dream Destinations.


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