Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mama said...

...there'd be days, like this, my mama said.
-The Shirelles 

{our cold brewed coffee at Tamp & Tap}

Yesterday was just an ordinary day, but it turned out to be one for the books. It started off earlier than normal because I had the opportunity to speak to a newspaper class at Hutchison High School. It went well, and then I scooted over to a Germantown Chamber meeting for the magazine we publish for them. Afterward, I made the trek downtown to my office, and soon noticed there wasn't much on my agenda (rare considering we're in the middle of production for MBQ and Memphis mag)

With pangs in my stomach and cravings in my head, all I wanted was to meet up with someone and go to lunch (shout out to Mere and Emmsbemms whose lunch rendezvous leave me insanely jealous). In vain, I texted a few people who were either at work, out of town, or otherwise engaged. That's when I decided I'd try my wonderful mama.
{our VisionSouce trip to Maui, Hawaii in January 2011}

For those who don't know, my mom is an optometrist and VP of a non-profit to boot, so her day off (Wednesday) is usually stacked with appointments and various errands no where close to downtown. That's why I assumed she'd be way too busy to trek downtown to grab a long lunch. To my delight, her schedule had opened up and she met me at Tamp & Tap.
{when we walked the St. Jude 5k to be near Emily as she 
ran the half marathon in December 2012}

We ordered, ate, sipped cold brewed coffee and chatted about life, love and how I shouldn't be turning 24 this fall since she hasn't aged a bit. It was one of those rare lunches where no one had anywhere else to be and we could stay as long as we wanted. Sadly, I can't recall the last time it was just my mom and me for a meal out. It was a rare treat, and certainly a highlight. One of those moments you know you'll look back on and say, "Remember when..."

As we left, I said I was surprised she had time to come downtown for lunch. Her response couldn't have been a better life lesson (crazy how mama's are full of these little lessons). She said, "I had so many things I knew I needed to do, but thought, 'I better grab life's joy while I can.'"

So get out there and grab life's joy, while you can. 
{lulu's birthday in 2012}


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