Saturday, November 24, 2012

Famous Friends (part 1)

This is the part of the story when I tell you which celebs I think I should be friends with and why (in Veggie Tales voice of "this is the part of the story when..." voice). And, yes, it's another series.

Famous Friends numero uno:
Ashley Benson

Why, you ask?

 [ she's one fourth of the best/most glamorous 
detective series of my generation, PLL]

 [she likes/has tattoos]

 [she likes to dress up...]

[she likes to dress down]

 [she plays with her hair]

 [rocks a top knot on the reg]

 [and she even loves nail art]

If this isn't proof enough that we were meant to be A-list acquaintances, check out her pinterest, and website for more proof. More famous friends and evidence to come.


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