Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Famous Friends (part 2)

Round two of famous people I just know I'm meant to be besties with (for part one click here). My next friend should be no surprise to those who know me well: she's goofy, off beat, hi.lar.ious., and oh yea, she rocks red hair like a champ....

Why? you ask....
 [she's one half of a hawt new celeb couple (with Andrew Garfield if you've been living under a rock)]

 [She's not afraid to speak what's on her mind]

 [she, like my famous friend part one gal, has a tattoo]
(for the story behind it click here)


[she's not afraid to look like a complete freak 
for the sake of humor]

 [she can switch between hair colors like it's a walk in the park; can't even decide which is better]

[oh yea, and she's a face for Revlon cosmetics]

There you have it. 
Stay tuned for more famous friends....


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