Friday, January 31, 2014

Flashback Friday

{look at this picture and know that we have changed quite 
a bit from the ones that follow... thank God}

This one goes out to the one, the only, best roomsiepoo for lyfe. While chatting today, she mentioned what she really wished we were actually doing (instead of being 24, at work, in separate but equally frigid cities).
{one of the many fun times in 1014}

As she began her scenario, it wasn't difficult to completely transport myself out of my cubicle on Tennessee Street to the warm, sunny patio of 1014 Oaks Drive, Birmingham, Alabama circa 2011. 

There we were. Two college girls, completely unaware of the luxury of having absolutely nothing to do in the middle of the afternoon, we ate at O'Carr's, grabbed baby bites, and ate them on our porch while drinking wine at 2 p.m.
{our very first picture together in feb/march 2009... we'd known each other hours at this point, so to say we're freakishly linked is an understatement}

It was one of those times we both remember, but aren't quite sure why. We didn't talk about anything super specific that we can remember, but we do remember it was fun. Which is what I think of when I think of my time at Sammy U with quite literally the best friends a gal could dream of. 

So today, I'm flashing back to my wonderful college experiences and the smile those memories bring. Road trip anyone?
{circa spring break 2009... the dreaded ride home from the beach.}

Happy Friday!


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