Wednesday, March 27, 2013

72 and Sunny

Despite the title, it is not 72 in M-town today (more like 27), but it is sunny; so, I'll take it. In keeping with the Bachelor theme from the past few posts (here, here or here), I wanted to dig a little deeper into the past of a few of the lovely ladies. I'm particularly interested in their jobs, since most of them actually had interesting ones this go around.

Starting of with Sarah Herron, a fan favorite for sure. Sarah is a Jr. Designer for 72 and Sunny ad agency (named best ad agency by Ad Age in 2013) in the city of angles. I'm particularly intrigued by working for an ad agency since I imagine most of them to be extremely cut-throat, but since Sarah is basically as sweet as pie, there's hope.

She's stylish, sweet, a "sister wife" with some of my other fav. contestants, and a work-related book nerd (much like myself). Easy to see why she was a fan favorite from the beginning.
 {sister wives: L to R, Lindsay, Ashlee, Jackie, Sarah, Lesley, and Des}

{Navajo style}

 {advertising books + wine = epic}

 May or may not have a job crush on Sarah.


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