Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ombré Obsessed

As much as I love to hate the Bachelor, I have to admit that I found this past season (season 17 with Sean Lowe) wildly entertaining. First, there was Tierra's eyebrow, her psycho rants, and let's not forget her "sparkle."
{image courtesy of another obsession: the Inslee blog}

But one of my most favorite things was watching the style of each lovely ladies vying for Sean's heart. I also have to admit that this season is one of the first (and I've been semi-watching since Trista and Ryan) that nearly all of the ladies seemed super personal and "real," for lack of a better term. I now follow Lindsay Yenter, Selma Alameri, Sarah Herron, Ashlee Frazier, and of course the winner, Catherine Giudici on instagram. 
I found Catherine precious from the beginning as I can appreciate the weirdness of an uber-nerd/graphic designer as the type of person I spent hours laughing with in the mac lab at good ole Sammy U. But, that's not the mane (see what I did there?) reason I'm obsessed. Nope, it's her long dark locks that have me captivated, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I have a hair crush on her, and why shouldn't I? She pulls off this look better than most I've seen.

I am envious partially because it'd be super easy to maintain, but also because I think very few people pull it off well. I'm dying to try it, but I don't know how well ombré + curls pair... merrr. Alas, Maybe one day the ever-talented Claire-bear Strate can practice on my hair.



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