Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mane Maintenance

It's time again for me to get my hair done, and every single time I find myself annoyed. Partially because I'm no longer a natural blonde (shocker), but mainly because, if I'm honest, I've had the same hair style since 7th grade (yikes!).  
I get that the saying is "you always want what you don't have," but is it really so much to ask to have a slightly updated do after a decade?? 

My process is always to google or pinterest "curly hair" and (yikes again) apparently everyone has had the same hair style since 7th grade. unless, of course, the go to the dark side aka straightening it. Don't get me wrong, I like straight hair just fine. You can brush it, style it, cut it, and even put bobby pins in it, all of which I cannot do. But, as those who know me can attest, I value sleepy substantially more than style (and the fact that my hair is never actually ever technically straight even after hours of work); hence, the curls.

So, here's what I'm workin' with people. If you have suggestions, by all means, shout 'em out now:

 A very large part of me says screw it and fro it up like some of these ladies. Thoughts?


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