Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pretty Wicked Hilarious

In lieu of last night's television fabulousness [in case you didn't know, Tuesdays are my "stay in and watch hours of t.v." nights] with PLL (oMgEzIeS), Dance Moms (which has now turned into a weird talk show, ergo I won't continue watching), and the icing on the incredible cake Pretty Wicked Moms

Yes, I watch (and love) this show.

As if I needed another reason (besides based-on-real-events movies) to love Lifetime, Pretty Wicked Moms is beyond amazing. Pure T.V. gold, I tell you. If you've been hesitant, let me assure you, it's full of bleach-blonde, Southern women that can get a bit catty, but it's insanely amusing and I can't get enough of Emily "Swanky" Dees Boulden. Thus, the subject of my post: Emily's awesomeness.

Emily, otherwise known as the "Queen Bee," is straight from the heart of Mississippi (specifically, Philadelphia, Miss., as we learned last night) and has the thick accent to prove it. She and her oh-so-hilarious hubby, Pete (a cosmetic dentist--hence everyone's beautiful pearly whites) have one daughter, Amzie, and her store, SWANK, in the heart of Atlanta. And in case they weren't swanky enough, Emily and Pete's wedding was featured on Mississippi's MyScoop website.

As annoying as she can seem, she's honest, hilarious, and swanky to the core. 

And you don't get Emily without her trusty sidekick and doggy-momma, Nicole Noles. A few of my fav Emily moments are as follows:


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