Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Surprise Fail

Okay, so the only thing surprising about JT's surprise bday dessert is that he actually ate one to make me feel better...
[this is what it was supposed to look like]
drum-roll please.... his surprise dessert was Chocolate-Whiskey Cupcakes (recipe here) with chocolate, caramel, marshmallow, whiskey, bacon bark (recipe here). (whew, talk about a mouthful.. except, er, you wouldn't want a mouthful of these)

The bark itself wasn't bad, actually kinda good. Just make sure to let it warm up from the freezer unless you want to chip a tooth.

As for the cuppy cakes...they had the consistency of chocolate cornbread (not pleasant).

Oh well... sometimes ya win, sometimes ya lose. Did I mention they were a b!#*h to make? Because they were... I think that's partially why JT ate one. (After watching me mix and bake cupcakes, icing and bark from scratch for 3 hours only to be covered in flour and confectioners sugar... he knew to try one to keep me from tears). He even took some home with him (I assume for fertilizer).

[my final version]

At least he still has presents to open on Thursday...


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